Window damage can happen over time. It is possible if your home is over 15-20 years old you may be in need of window replacement. Problems with your windows can lead to many other significant problems, including reduced indoor comfort (heat or cold), loss of protection from the elements and even an uninhabitable building interior allowing pests to enter uninvited. When you need effective & affordable repair or replacement of your damaged windows in San Diego, call on the verified experts at Scripps Mesa Glass. Scripps Mesa Glass in Rancho Bernardo offers a full range of customizable services, and provides you with quality you can count on from a company you can trust. We’re also your one-stop solution for customizable window upgrades that improve the function and appearance of your household or business. Call Scripps Mesa Glass today for your free window repair or replacement estimate.

Common Types of Window Damage include:

Cracking/breakage of window panes from accidents and weather related incidents. Direct Physical damage can lend to window frame cracking and warping. Vinyl window frames can also crack or warp from prolonged sun exposure in hot climates as well as prolonged exposure to low temperatures in cool climates.
Window frame cracking or warping, and Condensation accumulation in insulated glass is a common issue as well requiring window replacement or repair. There is a form of harmless glass that is injected between each pane of insulated glass for increased control of indoor temperatures. Every pane in a piece of insulated glass is held together at the edges by a single hidden seal. When that seal weakens or breaks and allows moisture to gain access to the window, condensation forms. Over time, moisture buildup can lead to “foggy” or dirty windows.

Reasons for Choosing a Window Repair vs Window Replacement

Window Repair is a potential option for both window frame damage and condensation accumulations in insulated glass. If you have a window with a warped or broken frame, a patch performed with the original material may sufficiently restore its weathertight function. Scripps Mesa Glass here in Rancho Bernardo, CA can assist with all of your Window Repair needs. Call us today for a free estimate!

Reasons for Choosing Window Replacement

Window Replacement is the preferred option for any window glass that sustains a crack or an outright break. Only a replacement window can reliably restore function to any glass damaged in this fashion. In addition, you may need to replace any window with a significantly damaged frame.
You also may want to replace windows in your home or business in order to upgrade to new windows that provide better protection from the elements or have greater visual appeal. A switch from single-pane windows to insulated windows can significantly reduce your utility bills and lead to increased indoor comfort throughout the year. In addition, a switch in window style can potentially improve the appearance of any building. Window replacement may have the added advantage of boosting overall property value. Call Scripps Mesa Glass in Rancho Bernardo today for your free window replacement or repair estimate. We service all of San Diego County!